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Majesco Responds to (Twisted) Cooking Mama

2008-11-22 05:59:34 by FunkWaxPuppie

Well, you can close off the bets. The twisted cooking mama parody didn't spark any heavy-handed lawsuits ;) I'm delighted to learn that Majesco recently came out with this classy response:

Cooking Mama World Kitchen includes more than 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes including delicious breakfast, dinner, dessert and snack options. And, while Mama is not a vegetarian, she fully supports the humane treatment of animals, particularly for her canine protégé Max who makes his doggie debut in World Kitchen.

Majesco even pulled Mama from the kitchen to get her thoughts on the matter. "I would never put rat in my Ratatouille,"said Mama. "Like any accomplished cook, I create my recipes to appeal to a broad range of tastes and preferences. My only goal is to ensure you leave the table well fed."

I always knew the lady with the twinkle in her eye had a kind heart. Sadly that doesn't change the fact that turkeys have been excluded from the humane slaughter act, which means they are routinely abused in the most horrific ways (if you thought my game was bad, visit a slaughterhouse... and if not, just check this out instead.).

Majesco Responds to (Twisted) Cooking Mama

I've been amused by the number of people who have accused me of stealing my own games. I'm still quite new to game development so I take this as a huge compliment that you think the projects I have spent months developing are worth stealing.

Yes -- they are on other websites, but aren't most (nay, all) of the popular games on this site? Was there an exclusivity clause in the TOS that I missed?

Unless you claim to know (or be) the person who developed my games, please refrain from crushing my score with 0's just because you've seen these SWFs on other websites as well. It's flattering, but also kind of annoying.

For the non-believers, here's a snapshot that either proves I'm telling the truth, or have much too much time on my hands to play with Photoshop...

Apparently, I steal my own games.